9 Web Designs to Use in 2021

Looking for a web design that is fit for the trend? The following nine web designs make the digital world extraordinary while it climbs to the new heights of realism.

Parallax Animation

The web-based animation trend grew over the years. It is a method in computer graphics that came from the multiplane camera technique used in traditional animation.

It separates the page details into background and foreground extremes producing a parallax effect. The background pictures move past slowly generating an illusion of a 2D display of a distance. The parallax effect is inspired by the view of passing scenery while driving.


This web design has an approach to minimalist realism. It is inspired by skeuomorphism. It is a graphical user interface design that describes interface objects that imitate real-world objects.

This web design trend has simplified icons and colours supplanted by flat design. The effect is similar to embossing or debossing.

Web design for causes

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the internet has become the voice and refuge for everyone. Virtual meetings and conferences and entertainment become the norm. Web designers are all in to create meaningful and purposeful designs that can impact a lot of lives.

Comfortable Colors

Due to the situation that the world is in right now, most jobs have come digital. People spend most of their time on computers. Staring at screens for hours and experience eye strain.

Web designers take this into account and create colour schemes that are easy on the eyes. The world is too loud and too busy; that is why they make virtual interactions more comfortable.


To catch a user’s attention, web designers use questionnaires for an interactive experience. It makes them think which lead to the engagement and interaction of the user to the website. It is focused on the visitor’s likes and dislikes.

Scroll Effects

Interaction is a form of communication with someone or something. Users use a scroll to navigate the page, and when they scroll, they are interacting. It means they are involved in the things that are happening – they are interested and engaged.

Web designers see that it will feel like a new page or a new website when users use the scroll.

Digital illustrations of physical products

Products are mostly the centre of websites. The products are presented in a literal design inspired through digital and creative interpretations of physical media.

The examples of this are in the form of colour smeared across a page and images cropped in rounded rectangles. This approach creates visual synergy and makes web pages feel more organic.

3D Colors

Colour schemes in web designs have been trending for years towards gradient colours. With Apple’s Big Sur OS, the colours are expected to be saturated and three-dimensional.

Web designers are also into background blended colours that come across. It creates a more imperfect and natural look. This web design trend suggests that the web design of 2021 are reaching a new height of realism.

Shapes and abstract designs

Abstract designs and shapes have a strong presence on websites. The simple shapes and necessary forms can act as small visual accessories. It adds a splash of colour, creates balance, and help the text stand out.