Reasons to Get Digital Pianos Over Acoustic Ones

Even if other pianists debate about the digital piano’s key action, the more expensive ones closely emulate acoustic pianos when it comes to the feel of its keys and sound produced. In fact, the top range models come with a grand piano cabinet as well as finish to achieve a majestic look. A digital piano combines the elegance of acoustic pianos with flexibility, portability, and affordability that are available with digital technology. You get portable models that are a boon for those who are always on the move, particularly the gigging musicians.

Below are some of the advantages of digital pianos over acoustic pianos:

  • No Tuning Needed

A good reason for you to choose digital pianos is that it doesn’t require tuning compared to acoustic ones that must be tuned once in every six months. It’s an important factor, particularly if you move from one house to another since acoustic pianos may go out of tune once exposed to lots of moving around.

  • Digital Pianos are More Affordable

When compared to acoustic pianos, digital pianos are more affordable and easy to maintain. Since the sound on the digital pianos is produced by the samples, the piano’s price is dependent on the quality of the used samples. However, with digital pianos, you have a lot of choices depending on your budget.

  • Lots of Choices and Varieties

There is a wide variety of digital pianos available in piano stores near you. You may go in for digital pianos with upright piano look or you may choose the more portable stage pianos. Originally, digital pianos are designed to serve as an alternative for the traditional acoustic pianos. That is the reason why you’ll find models that have the looks of acoustic pianos with models that resemble grand and upright pianos.

  • Portable and Compact

Some digital pianos have a keyboard look. These have 88 keys, but they don’t have a wooden body and case around it that you usually found in an upright piano. It makes them easier to carry around.

  • High Quality Sound

Unlike an acoustic piano in which the sound is produced through striking hammers against the strings, the digital pianos generate sound in an electronic manner. The more expensive digital pianos are, the better the sound samples and you may notice that in the sound quality.

  • Features MIDI

Digital pianos may communicate with other digital software or hardware through MIDI. With this, you may connect it to a computer and transform it into a recording studio.

  • Piano Keys Action

On acoustic pianos, you may feel the striking hammers against the real strings. Aside from the keys on the left side or bass side are quite difficult to play and gets lighter once you move towards the right direction. Most virtuous pianists play acoustic pianos precisely because they’re so accustomed to the keyboard feel. Manufacturers of digital pianos have realized this challenged and there are now models that replicate an actual acoustic piano.

If you want something that is flexible and portable than acoustic pianos, digital pianos are your perfect choice.